SEAMEO Internship Programme for Students

Leading Through Learning


Currently, the SEAMEO Secretariat has been offering an Internship Programme to selected number of applicants pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies and volunteers who have the desire to deepen their knowledge and understanding on SEAMEO goals, policies and activities. A SEAMEO intern candidate should be a third or fourth year Undergraduate Student or a Postgraduate Student. As far as possible, the scope of tasks given during the internship is related to the intern’s current degree of study.

The SEAMEO Internship Programme provides excellent chance for a directed, practical learning experience in regional and international platform for the candidates. In addition, the Programme could enhance partnership and network between SEAMEO and educational institutions. Therefore, the SEAMEO Secretariat would like to extend the internship opportunity to students not only at the SEAMEO Secretariat, but also at SEAMEO Regional Centres/Network (SEAMEO Units) by streamlining and making the process more systematic and integrated.


  1. Providing opportunities for students to assist the SEAMEO Units in international cooperation, administrative, secretarial, accounting and IT areas;
  2. Providing a framework by which students could enhance their educational experiences through practical work assignments; and
  3. Providing students with exposure on regional and international work that would give them significant edge in terms of employability, career growth, and building a wider network.

Time Frame

The internship duration will be from 3 to a maximum of 6 months .

Internship Conditions

SEAMEO Units may provide interns with the following funding:

  1. A minimal stipend to partially cover food and incidental expenses depending on the budget of the receiving SEAMEO Units.
  2. Generally, all provisions above are subject to policies of the SEAMEO Units.

Contact Person

For further enquiries, please contact
Mrs. Natcha Kampiranond
Tel: +66 2 391 0144.